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This wiki is created by and is for SBU physics graduate students only. If you are a grad student and you don't have an account you can request an account, or contact nicholas dot pomata at stonybrook dot edu or sbupgsa at gmail dot com. If you are a professor or administrator, we appreciate your contributions to and interest in graduate student life but kindly request that you respect our privacy - if you have a comment or concern please contact sbupgsa at gmail dot com.

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Graduate students are invited to share their knowledge with each other through our file sharing system on this wiki. Several courses that are being addressed or need additional materials are:


We have started a forum for general use. If you would like a new category or forum please contact an administrator. Feel free to talk about anything and everything.

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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Physics Grad Student Wiki! Please add any information you think will be valuable to other grad students. But when you do, make sure that you

  • Cite your sources, either with a <ref> tag or in the Discussion page, if your information conflicts with what's already there
  • If you have questions or problems consult the Wikimedia help pages, especially the formatting page, or ask me
  • Write as clearly and concisely as you can
  • When making new pages, make sure you can get to them from the home page
  • Don't be a jerk