Guide to living on Long Island

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To live on Long Island on a Graduate student buget is challenging but doable, and you can even have fun while doing it! This pages mostly serves to redirect you to other pages with more specific help. In particular, you should know about:

  • Housing: If you live off campus and are willing to share a house with others, you should be able to find a place for under $850 a month; obviously you can get something bigger, more comfortable, or with other bonuses for more.
  • Getting around: You will need some way to get to campus and back from where you live, but you will likely also want some form of transportation beyond that. If you do not have a car, make friends with people who have cars. A bike can also get you pretty far most of the time.
  • Food: Take advantage of free food, especially at GSO events, the Friday Afternoon Seminars, and during the summer, the Summer Friday Socials. For your own shopping, find a place that meets your level of quality without breaking the bank. The more of your own food you make, the cheaper it will be, though you should of course treat yourself every so often to eating out.