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Here we have all the information of what the past and present graduate students have compiled that they can think of which could possibly be helpful for incoming PhD and Masters students

Academic decisions and success

There are many ways to succeed in the Stony Brook Physics graduate program, and success really depends on your own background, your interests, and the kinds of research opportunities you are searching for. Here we have compiled suggested paths towards success based on our collective prior experience:

  • Advice - for students who did not take graduate courses during their undergrad, especially who intend to do theory.
  • Advice - for students who did take graduate courses before or already have masters degrees.
  • Advice - for students whose previous degrees are not in physics.
  • Advice - for students who want terminal masters degrees.

Additionally here are more general resources

  • Quality of LI Life - recommendations for living a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life on Long Island and New York.
  • Students Advice - willing available current grad students (and their advice) in different research areas who you should feel free to contact with any questions - (password protected)
  • Research Group Advice - current professors and research groups with brief descriptions and advice for joining and collaborating - (password protected)

Practical Information for SBU

Before you arrive

The 2017 orientation schedule is available here.

  • Getting housing - if you don't know where you'll be living when you get to campus yet, or you're thinking of moving out of on-campus housing
  • Mentorship program - as of 2017 every student gets two faculty mentors and two senior graduate student mentors

Once you arrive

For international students

  • SIM cards - Information about SIM cards for international students who will be arriving without working phones

For master's students